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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Maurice Sendak

Most people know of Maurice Sendak because of his most famous book: Where the Wild Things are. This is primarily where I know him from as well but, seeing a myriad of his illustrations throughout the years I am always impressed. I have also always loved children's books and once (when I was 19) I tried to lock myself in my room for 30 days to get one written/illustrated. This failed miserably but only because I didn't have the confidence in myself at the time. Enough about that really I just want to pay homage to this great illustrator. If you are interested in Maurice the person this documentary really sheds light on his complex and interesting hate of adults: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1509268/ .

                                          ^^^^ This is from In the Night Kitchen a book from 1970. Features a naked boy but, only because he falls in some dough and Maurice thought it would be a pain to illustrate his clothes with dough all over them. It is frequently to this day banned by many schools and libraries--which is silly as if children don't know that other children have genitals.

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